Thursday, March 14, 2013

Home from Europe

Hey guys, we made it home safely. Quite the trek really. We played our last show in Bischofswerda Germany on Saturday 3/9, and then left at 5:30 AM to drop off half of Martyrdod at the airport in Prague. Luckily, our drivers were from Prague and took us around for the day. Prague is an amazing city, and honestly there isn't a lot of time on tour to go site seeing, so we were all pretty blown away. We left Prague for a 13 hour layover in Madrid at 7:30, and again we were lucky enough to have a friend in Madrid to put us up for the night and avoided sleeping in the airport. We took a cab back to the airport around 9AM, and then flew to Chicago, got through US Customs and Immigration ok even though we were smuggling a bunch of Rotten Sound merch in, and then ran to our connecting flight to Dayton Ohio. When we arrived in Dayton at 7:30, 5 of our 8 checked bags didn't show, so we had to go pick up our personal vehicles (which was an adventure in itself), and then come back at 12:30am, and there were our guitars and what not. The members of Enabler from Dayton go home, and Amanda and myself make the drive back to Milwaukee. On the way to Milwaukee, we hit really poor weather conditions with 0 viability when a semi truck blazed past us almost hitting us and leaving me with the choice of A. hit the semi, B. roll the van, C. cause a multi car collision, or D. go for the ditch. I went for the ditch, no injuries, no damage to the van, just a scared cat that we were bringing home that pissed all over her cage and the van. We finally made it home at 11:30pm on Tuesday night.

Thank you to Rotten Sound for bringing us out on this tour, you guys are an influence on this band and it's an honor to consider you our peers. Thank you to our tour buddies in Martyrdod, we've toured twice now together and it just wouldn't feel right to never do it again! Thank you to Marco and Mekk @ Avocado Booking for making this tour a possibility, and thank you to Fluffwheels and our drivers Petr and Nick for keeping us safe and making sure that we made it to where we needed to go.

Here is some footage of us in Europe on tour with Rotten Sound and Martyrdod!

Stockholm Sweden

Warsaw Poland

Nova Gorica Slovenia