Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Enabler / Yautja split info

Burnt Bridges Records will be releasing our split with Nashville's Yautja in January of 2012. Artwork was recently completed by Scott Shellhammer. Features 2 new Enabler songs, as well as 3 new Yautja songs. Release shows are January 13 in Nashville TN @ Cafe Coco and January 28 in Milwaukee @ The Borg Ward.

Go to http://www.facebook.com/enablermke to listen to our track "No Deliverance" off of the split and for more info on the release shows. Tracklisting is as follows:

1. No Deliverance
2. Self Awareness
1. Dead Soil
2. Losses
3. Human Den

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Recording next month / tour shout outs

We're back from tour and all is well. We'd like to give a huge thank you to our good friends Robby Wright and Scott Shellhammer for helping us on this tour, as well as props to our tour buddies Mares of Thrace for keepin' it real with us. Thanks to all the good people who booked shows for us, let us sleep on their floors, let us use their showers, and fed us yummy food. Canada, we love you and we will come back.

We'd also like to send a shout out to our friend Stjen (I think that's how you spell his name). This guy flew all the way to Calgary from Belgium to follow our tour and see North America. You motherfuckers think your hard? This guy is hitchhiking, taking Greyhounds, walking to the venue from the Greyhound station, walking back to the Greyhound station, and once in awhile he'd find a hostel to clean up in, all in the name of rock n' roll.

From Left to Right: Robby Halford Wright, Stefani Mackichan, Scott Shellhammer, Stjen, Therese Lanz, Amanda Daniels, Jeff Lohrber. Taken in Minneapolis after one of the hottest shows ever w/ our homies Masakari and Alpinist.

We'll be in the studio next month with our dude Shane Hotchstetler here in Milwaukee recording 4-6 songs for 2 upcoming split releases. Stay tuned...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Enabler / Mares of Thrace tour dates!

View Directions to 825 East Center Street, Milwaukee, WI in a larger map

8/5 Fargo ND @ The New Direction (No Mares of Thrace)
8/6 Winnipeg CA @ The Death Trap - ARSON FEST (Mares of Thrace plays Friday 8/5 of Arson Fest)
8/7 Thunder Bay ON @ Black Pirates Pub
8/8 Sault Ste. Marie ON @ The Rosie
8/9 Ottawa ON @ Cafe Dekcuf
8/10 Montreal QC @ Katacombes
8/11 Quebec City QC @ Bar Le Kameleon
8/12 Toronto ON @ Parts and Labour
8/13 Hamilton ON@ the Casbah
8/15 Cincinnati OH @ Witler House (early show)
8/15 Dayton OH @ Blind Bob's
8/16 Columbus OH @ Legion of Doom w/ Silo
8/17 Nashville TN @ Little Hamilton
8/18 St. Louis MO @ Apop Records
8/19 Chicago IL @ The Mutiny w/ The Muzzler
8/20 Milwaukee WI @ Cactus Club
8/21 Minneapolis MN @ The Rat Hole w/ Masakari, Alpinist

We'd also like to announce the addition of Scott Shellhammer of American Heritage who will be rockin' guitar for us at these shows. If you've never heard American Heritage, do yourself a favor and check out their newest record "Sedentary". Fucking awesome.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Here are fliers for two upcoming Milwaukee shows! July 28 will be our first show with the new lineup!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lineup changes

We'd like to announce the departure of our rhythm section, drummer Brian Serzynski and bassist Bubba Nitz. They both left the band following the last tour with Ambassador Gun. Also leaving is guitarist Logan Kelly. You can catch Bubba rockin' guitar in his band Short Walk, and Logan rockin' guitar in his band Blue Ox and bass in Much Worse. We wish them all the best of luck with their future endeavors.

With that being said, we'd like to announce the addition of drummer Andy Hurley (Fall Out Boy, Racetraitor, Kill the Slavemaster, etc.) and bassist Amanda Daniels. Andy released the first Enabler LP "Eden Sank to Grief" on his label FC Records in 2010, and has been a fan of what we are doing ever since. Former Enabler guitarist Ben Willkommen will be rejoining the group temporarily and helping out with shows. Robby Wright (Paralyzer, Black Dove, One Nation Under, etc.) will be filling in on drums for the upcoming Canadian / US tour with Mares of Thrace since Andy will be touring with his band The Damned Things. We are very excited to have all of these people involved with this band now.

Enabler also has a brother band with all of the same people called Sleeping Corpses. Sleeping Corpses is to Enabler what the light side of the force is to the dark side. Right now, we're sitting on about 10 new Enabler songs and 9 Sleeping Corpses songs. We will be recording for both projects and announcing new releases soon enough.

Enabler is on the lookout for a permanent second guitarist (the position has been a revolving door since day one). Serious inquiries should be sent to enablermke@gmail.com

Check out the first shows with the new lineup:

7/28 Milwaukee WI @ Cactus Club w/ The Swan King, Git Some
7/29 Chicago IL @ The Horseshoe w/ Thieves (Record Release), Former Thieves
7/30 Indianapolis IN @ The Hoosier Dome - DUDE FEST

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New releases available online!

Head over to our webstore http://www.enablermke.bigcartel.com to order copies of our new discography release "Year One", our split with Ambassador Gun, and/or the Impatience cassette (members of Protestant / Enabler / Half Gorilla). Orders will ship on June 21 when we're back from tour. Thanks!

Thanks to Creator Destructor, Sacred Plague, and Scenester Credentials to making these releases happen!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Enabler / Ambassador Gun tour dates

We leave for tour in less than a week with our buddies Ambassador Gun. Here are the dates:

View Larger Map

6/9/11 Madison WI @ The Wisco w/ Choose Your Poison, Deep Shit
6/10/11 Lima OH @ The Leathershop w/ Pizza Hi-five
6/11/11 Cleveland OH @ Now That's Class w/ Origin of M
6/12/11 Pittsburgh PA @ Helter Shelter w/ Origin of M
6/13/11 South Philadelphia PA @ JR's
6/14/11 Brooklyn NY @ The Charleston
6/15/11 Virginia Beach VA @ Cozumels
6/17/11 Knoxville TN @ The Pilot Light
6/18/11 Nashville TN @ 1619 Heimen
6/19/11 Chicago IL @ Memories w/ Thieves
6/20/11 Minneapolis MN @ Memory Lanes

We still need a show on 6/16, if you live in the area and would be into doing a show, hit us up! - enablermke@gmail.com

Our brother band Impatience is playing Milwaukee @ Groundzero the day before we leave for this tour with Origin of M, See You In Hell, Lotus Fucker, and Bored Straight. Do it!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tracks up from the Ambassador Gun split and Impatience!

We've posted two new songs "Lost Cause" and "Death Refuge" from the split with Ambassador Gun! The split will be out this summer on Scenester Credentials and Sacred Plague. Wait til you hear their side, it's brutal!


Also, Impatience, the new hardcore band from current and ex members of Enabler/Protestant/Half Gorilla (most of us are on different instruments) has posted songs from our upcoming tape also coming out this summer on Sacred Plague.


Play some air guitar and then destroy your living room to this shit.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Year One" and Ambassador Gun split covers!

We couldn't be more stoked on what our buddy Jimpaler did for the art for the upcoming discography release "Year One". Check it out:

Creator-Destructor will be releasing this on May 22 2011. Check out more of Jimpaler's work @ www.jgillustration.com

Also, we have a split coming out this Spring with our good friends Ambassador Gun. 4 new songs from us, and 3 new songs from them. Their guitarist/bassist/vocalist Luke Olson is handling the art, check it out:

We'll be posting songs from these releases as soon as we have the masters in our hands. Until then, go buy something, or download it for free (it's really not that hard).

"Year One" press release

Official press release:

Creator-Destructor Records is extremely excited to welcome Enabler to their family! Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Enabler combines the force of former drum mercenary Jeff Lohrber (Harlots, Today is the Day, Trap Them) on guitar and vocals, former Abaddon rhythm section Brian Serzynski (drums) and Bubba Nitz (bass), and lead guitarist Logan Kelly (Dead to Fall).

Priding themselves on an unrelenting work ethic and DIY touring regimen, Enabler combines the fury and speed of From Ashes Rise and His Hero is Gone with the unrelenting intensity of Nasum and Integrity to create a lethal concoction of punk, grind, and hardcore.

To celebrate the addition of Enabler to the label's roster, Creator-Destructor Records will be re-releasing the band's entire discography thus far, via digipak CD on May 22nd. Appropriately titled "Year One," this culmination of the band's previous releases ("Eden Sank to Grief" and "War Begins With You") will feature brand new artwork courtesy of Jimpaler, who also handled the layout for "War Begins With You."

Enabler's previous releases were recorded and mixed at Howl Street Recordings in Milwaukee by engineer Shane Hotchstetler (Northless, Get Rad, Protestant, Call Me Lightning) in March and June of 2010, and then remixed in January of 2011. Both records will be remastered by Zack Ohren (Heartsounds, Animosity) for the release of "Year One."

"Year One" Tracklisting:

01. Mercenary
02. Unconditional Surrender
03. Fucking Wartorn
04. Black Friday in Hell
05. Eden Sank to Grief
06. Survival Kits
07. Renegrenades
08. End of the World Party
09. The Fury Inside
10. No Love, No Hope, No Fear
11. War Begins With You
12. Heart Attack Man
13. Symbiosis

Friday, March 25, 2011


Upcoming Shows

5/15/13 Milwaukee WI @ Quarters w/ Dead in the Dirt
5/16/13 Chicago IL @ Reggie's w/ Rotten Sound, Dead in the Dirt
5/17/13 Riverview MI @ The Crimson Lounge w/ Rotten Sound

7/3/13 AUS Byron Bay @ TBA w/ Urns
7/4/13 AUS Brisbane @ Crowbar w/ Urns
7/5/13 AUS Sydney @ Hermann's Bar w/ Urns
7/6/13 AUS Sydney @ Black Wire Records w/ Urns
7/7/13 AUS Wollongong @ Yours & Owls w/ Urns
7/9/13 AUS Newcastle @ Croatian Wickham Bowls Club w/ Urns
7/10/13 AUS Canberra @ The Pot Belly Bar w/ Urns
7/11/13 AUS Melbourne @ The Bendigo Hotel w/ Urns
7/12/13 AUS Melbourne @ Black Goat Warehouse w/ Urns
7/13/13 AUS Adelaide @ Enigma Bar w/ Urns

Past Shows

214. 4/26/13 Columbus OH @ Ace of Cups (Forward Ohio 2013)
213. 4/25/13 St. Louis MO @ Fubar w/ Everything Went Black
212. 4/24/13 Kansas City MO @ Czar Bar w/ Early Graces
211. 4/23/13 Champaign IL @ Error Records w/ Recreat
210. 4/21/13 Milwaukee WI @ The Borg Ward w/ Weekend Nachos
209. 4/20/13 Minneapolis MN @ Medusa w/ Weekend Nachos
208. 4/19/13 Winnipeg MB @ Negative Space
207. 3/9/13 Germany Bischofswerda @ East Club w/ Rotten Sound, Martyrdod
206. 3/8/13 Poland Warsaw @ Progresja w/ Rotten Sound, Martyrdod
205. 3/7/13 Germany Berlin @ Bi Nuu w/ Rotten Sound, Martyrdod
204. 3/6/13 Germany München @ Feierwerk w/ Rotten Sound, Martyrdod
203. 3/5/13 Slovenia Nova Gorica @ Mostovna w/ Rotten Sound, Martyrdod
202. 3/4/13 Germany Frankfurt @ Elfer w/ Rotten Sound, Martyrdod
201. 3/3/13 Belgium Brussels @ Magasin 4 w/ Rotten Sound, Martyrdod
200. 3/2/13 UK Leeds @ The Library Pub w/ Rotten Sound, Martyrdod
199. 3/1/13 Ireland Dublin @ The Pint w/ Rotten Sound, Martyrdod
198. 2/28/13 UK London @ Underworld w/ Rotten Sound, Martyrdod
197. 2/27/13 Holland Leeuwarden @ Gloppe w/ Rotten Sound, Martyrdod
196. 2/26/13 Germany Hamburg @ Hafenklang w/ Rotten Sound, Martyrdod
195. 2/25/13 Denmark Copenhagen @ Pumpehuset w/ Rotten Sound, Martyrdod
194. 2/24/13 Sweden Stockholm @ Bergsunds Strand 43 w/ Rotten Sound, Martyrdod
193. 2/23/13 Sweden Gothenburg @ Showdown w/ Rotten Sound, Martyrdod
192. 2/22/13 Oslo Norway @ John Dee w/ Rotten Sound, Martyrdod
191. 2/18/13 Dayton OH @ Blind Bob's w/ By Way of Sunstorm
190. 12/22/12 Milwaukee WI @ Cacoon Room w/ Get Rad, No Future
189. 12/21/12 Chicago IL @ Viaduct Theatre w/ The Killer, Weekend Nachos, Like Rats, The Ox King
188. 11/2/12 Austin TX @ Holy Mountain (Fun Fun Fun Fest Nites) w/ Burning Love, Powertrip, Fight Amp
187. 11/1/12 Dallas TX @ Club Dada w/ Converge, Torche, Kvelertek
186. 10/30/12 Birmingham AL @ The Forge w/ Former Thieves
185. 10/28/12 Gainesville FL @ The Laboratory (The Fest) w/ Fight Amp, Former Thieves, Bone Dance
184. 10/26/12 Nashville TN @ The Owl Farm w/ Yautja
183. 10/24/12 Columbia SC @ One Unit Art Space w/ Code Orange Kids, Former Thieves, Bone Dance
182. 10/23/12 Harrisonburg VA @ Blue Nile w/ Former Thieves, Bone Dance
181. 10/22/12 Virginia Beach VA @ Retro Cafe w/ Spine
180. 10/21/12 Philadelphia PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ Former Thieves, Bone Dance
179. 10/20/12 Brooklyn NY @ Saint Vitus (CMJ) w/ Yakuza, Royal Thunder, Fight Amp
178. 10/19/12 New London CT @ El N Gee
177. 10/18/12 Allston MA @ O'Briens Pub
176. 10/17/12 Quebec City QC @ Studio Sonar w/ Striver
175. 10/16/12 Montreal QC @ Death House w/ Striver
174. 10/15/12 Oshawa ON @ The Diesel Room
173. 10/14/12 Toronto ON @ The Boat w/ Villipend
172. 10/13/12 Akron OH @ Annabelles w/ Black Mask
171. 10/12/12 Detroit MI @ Halfway House w/ Hollow Earth
170. 10/11/12 Dayton OH @ Blind Bob's
169. 7/10/12 Milwaukee WI @ Borg Ward w/ Black Breath, Protestant
168. 7/9/12 Chicago IL @ Empty Bottle w/ Black Breath, Burning Love
167. 7/8/12 Dayton OH @ Blind Bob's w/ Black Breath, The Secret, Burning Love, Mouth of the Architect
w/ Black Breath, Martyrdod, Burning Love
166. 7/7/12 Philadelphia PA @ The Barbary w/ The Secret
165. 7/6/12 Brooklyn NY @ Acheron w/ The Secret
164. 7/5/12 Boston MA @ Radio Bar w/ The Secret
163. 7/4/12 Baltimore MD @ Talking Head Lounge at Sonar w/ The Secret
162. 7/3/12 Richmond VA @ Strange Matter w/ Dead In The Dirt
161. 7/2/12 Raleigh NC @ Kings Barcade w/ Dead In the Dirt
160. 7/1/12 Atlanta GA @ 529 w/ Dead In The Dirt
159. 6/30/12 New Orleans LA @ Three Ring Circus 
158. 6/29/12 Houston TX @ Walter's w/ Power Trip, Wild//Tribe
157. 6/28/12 Austin TX @ Red 7 w/ Power Trip, Wild//Tribe
156. 6/27/12 Dallas TX @ Club Dada w/ Power Trip, Wild//Tribe
155. 6/26/12 Albuquerque NM @ Gasworks (Martyrdod / Enabler only)
154. 6/25/12 Phoenix AZ @ Chasers
153. 6/24/12 San Diego CA @ The Casbah w/ Pelican
152. 6/23/12 Corona CA @ Maya's Cafe (Martyrdod / Enabler only)
151. 6/23/12 Pomona CA @ The Glass House (Southern Lord label showcase) w/ Pelican
150. 6/22/12 Santa Cruz CA @ The Catalyst w/ Pelican, Noothgrush
149. 6/21/12 San Francisco CA @ The Mezzanine w/ Noothgrush
148. 6/20/12 Portland OR @ Hawthorne Theater w/ Poison Idea
147. 6/19/12 Seattle WA @ El Corazon w/ Poison Idea
146. 6/15/12 Milwaukee WI @ Quarters w/ Ara, Quitters
145. 5/29/12 Chicago IL @ Beat Kitchen w/ Ringworm, Everything Went Black
144. 5/19/12 Minneapolis MN @ Medusa w/ Northless, Mourner
143. 5/18/12 Fargo ND @ The New Direction
142. 5/17/12 Missoula MT @ VFW Hall
141. 5/16/12 Boise ID @ The Shredder
140. 5/15/12 Seattle WA @ Highline
139. 5/14/12 Portland OR @ The Know w/ Black Hole of Calcutta
138. 5/13/12 San Francisco CA @ Hemlock Tavern w/ At Our Heels
137. 5/12/12 San Jose CA @ House of the Dead Rat w/ At Our Heels
136. 5/11/12 Los Angeles CA @ The Joint w/ Iron Mountain
135. 5/10/12 San Diego CA @ Eleven w/ Griever
134. 5/9/12 Phoenix AZ @ Wall Street
133. 5/8/12 Albuquerque NM @ Gasworks
132. 5/7/12 Denver CO @ Blast-O-Mat
131. 5/6/12 St. Louis MO @ The Foxhole w/ Neon Warship
130. 5/5/12 Dayton OH @ Blind Bob's w/ Neon Warship
129. 5/4/12 Pittsburg PA @ Mr. Roboto Project w/ Heartless, Neon Warship
128. 5/3/12 Cleveland OH @ E71st Door w/ Burning Love, Neon Warship
127. 3/24/12 Madison WI @ Dragonfly Lounge w/ Get Rad, Direct Hit, Pyroklast
126. 3/19/12 Chicago IL @ Viaduct Theatre w/ This is Hell, The Ox King
125. 3/18/12 Normal IL @ The Coffeehouse w/ Rvins
124. 3/17/12 Ft. Worth TX @ 1919 Hemphill w/ Heartless, Young and In the Way, Human Error
123. 3/16/12 Austin TX @ SXSW - Scoot Inn w/ Black Breath, Ringworm, All Pigs Must Die, Narrows, KEN Mode, Young and In the Way
122. 3/16/12 Austin TX @ SXSW - Longbranch Inn w/ Andrew WK, Nachtmystium, The Atlas Moth, Young and In the Way
121. 3/15/12 Houston TX @ Vinyl Junkie & Distro w/ Balaclava, Human Error
120. 3/13/12 St. Louis MO @ Heartbreakers w/ Ringworm, Cancer Bats, Everything Went Black
119. 3/12/12 Kansas City MO @ Newsroom w/ The Great Sabatini, Renouncer
118. 3/11/12 Omaha NE @ Charles Mansion
117. 3/10/12 Champaign IL @ Garfield's Garden w/ Rvins
116. 1/28/12 Milwaukee WI @ The Borg Ward w/  Thieves, The Ox King, Impatience
115. 1/14/12 Dayton OH @ Blind Bob’s w/ By Way of Sunstorm
114. 1/13/12 Nashville TN @ Café Coco w/ Yautja
113. 1/12/12 Indianapolis IN @ The Dojo
112. 1/11/12 Cleveland OH @ Now That's Class w/ Gasmask
111. 1/10/12 Allston MA @ O’Brien’s Pub w/ Raw Radar War, Rampant Decay, Graves, Demoralizer
110. 1/9/12 New York, NY @ Lit Lounge w/ Tiger Flowers
109. 1/8/12 Columbus OH @ Carabar w/ Bastards
108. 1/7/12 Detroit MI @ Halfway House w/ Sender Receiver
107. 1/6/12 Dubuque IA @ Off Minor
106. 1/5/12 Minneapolis MN @ Medusa w/ In Defence, Much Worse, Youwretch
105. 12/30/11 Chicago IL @ Cobra Lounge w/ Nachtmystium, Like Rats
104. 11/12/11 Milwaukee WI @ Borg Ward w/ Thieves, Mourner, Armada, The Ox King
103. 11/4/11 Appleton WI @ House Show w/ Protestant, Neon Hole, Choose Your Poison
102. 10/28/11 Chicago IL @ Cobra Lounge w/ Veil of Maya, Misery Signals, The Ox King
101. 9/17/11 Milwaukee WI @ Groundzero w/ Protestant, Rat Storm
100. 8/21/11 Minneapolis MN @ The Rathole w/ Mares of Thrace, Masakari, Alpinist, False
99. 8/20/11 Milwaukee WI @ Cactus Club w/ Mares of Thrace
98. 8/19/11 Chicago IL @ The Mutiny w/ Mares of Thrace, The Muzzler
97. 8/18/11 St. Louis MO @ Apop Records w/ Mares of Thrace, Quare Verum, The Gorge
96. 8/17/11 Nashville TN @ Little Hamilton w/ Mares of Thrace
95. 8/16/11 Columbus OH @ Legion of Doom w/ Mares of Thrace, Silo
94. 8/15/11 Dayton OH @ Blind Bob's w/ Mares of Thrace, Navigator
93. 8/15/11 Cincinnati OH @ Witler House w/ Mares of Thrace, Veterans
92. 8/13/11 Hamilton ON @ The Casbah w/ Mares of Thrace
91. 8/12/11 Toronto ON @ Parts and Labour w/ Mares of Thrace
90. 8/11/11 Quebec City QC @ Bar Le Kameleon w/ Mares of Thrace
89. 8/10/11 Montreal QC @ Katacombes w/ Mares of Thrace
88. 8/9/11 Ottawa ON @ Cafe Dekcuf w/ Mares of Thrace
87. 8/8/11 Sault Ste. Marie ON @ The Rosie w/ Mares of Thrace
86. 8/7/11 Thunder Bay ON @ Black Pirates Pub w/ Mares of Thrace
85. 8/6/11 Winnipeg MB @ The Death Trap - ARSON FEST
84. 8/5/11 Fargo ND @ The New Direction
83. 7/30/11 Indianapolis IN @ The Hoosier Dome - DUDE FEST
82. 7/29/11 Chicago IL @ The Horseshoe w/ Thieves, Former Thieves
81. 7/28/11 Milwaukee WI @ Cactus Club w/ The Swan King
80. 6/20/11 Minneapolis MN @ Memory Lanes w/ Ambassador Gun
79. 6/19/11 Chicago IL @ Memories w/ Ambassador Gun
78. 6/18/11 Nashville TN @ 1619 Heimen w/ Ambassador Gun, Dawn
77. 6/17/11 Knoxville TN @ The Pilot Light w/ Ambassador Gun
76. 6/15/11 Virginia Beach VA @ Cozumel's w/ Ambassador Gun, Comfort
75. 6/14/11 Brooklyn NY @ The Charleston w/ Ambassador Gun
74. 6/13/11 South Philadelphia PA @ JR's w/ Ambassador Gun
73. 6/12/11 Pittsburgh PA @ Helter Shelter w/ Ambassador Gun, Origin of M
72. 6/11/11 Cleveland OH @ Now That's Class w/ Ambassador Gun, Origin of M
71. 6/10/11 Lima OH @ The Leathershop w/ Ambassador Gun, Pizza Hi-Five
70. 6/9/11 Madison WI @ The Wisco w/ Ambassador Gun, Choose Your Poison, Deep Shit 
69. 5/12/11 Milwaukee WI @ The Doghouse w/ Catheter, Streetwalker, CYP
68. 4/10/11 Milwaukee WI @ Mad Planet w/ Wormrot, Whorelord
67. 3/5/11 Milwaukee WI @ The Borg Ward w/ Sweet Cobra, American Heritage
66. 3/4/11 Chicago IL @ The Beat Kitchen w/ Sweet Cobra, American Heritage
65. 3/3/11 Minneapolis MN @ Medusa w/ In Defence, Thrash Compactor, Brain Tumors
64. 2/26/11 Appleton WI @ The Locust Complex w/ Ambassador Gun
63. 2/25/11 Chicago IL @ Memories w/ Ambassador Gun
62. 1/24/11 Minneapolis MN @ Memory Lanes w/ Ambassador Gun, Youwretch
61. 1/23/11 Iowa City IA @ The Blue Moose w/ Aseethe, Big Box
60. 1/22/11 St. Louis MO @ The Lemp Brewery w/ Quare Verum, Sine Nomine, The Lion's Daughter
59. 1/21/11 Kansas City MO @ The Sports Complex
58. 1/20/11 Austin TX @ The Broken Neck w/ Pack of Wolves, Fuck Work
57. 1/19/11 Houston TX @ The Speakeasy w/ PLF, Red River
56. 1/18/11 San Antonio TX @ A&A Drive Inn
55. 1/17/11 Baton Rouge LA @ The Sugar Shack
54. 1/16/11 Tallahassee FL @ AF Haus w/ Kaplaa, Brainstorm
53. 1/15/11 Gainesville FL @ Wayward Council w/ Deserter
52. 1/14/11 Tampa FL @ Transitions w/ God Harvest, Escapist
51. 1/13/11 Miami FL @ Churchill's Pub w/ Eztorbo, Hellmass
50. 1/12/11 Lake Worth FL @ Propaganda w/ Gorilla Pussy, Beltbuckle Death Sentence
49. 1/11/11 Athens GA @ Go Bar w/ Gripe
48. 1/9/11 Nashville TN @ Little Hamilton w/ Yautja, Sacaea, No Christmas
47. 1/8/11 Cincinnati OH @ Beech Hill House w/ Silo, Veterans
46. 1/7/11 Dayton OH @ Blind Bob's w/ Bringers of Disease, Hooker Spit Windex
45. 1/6/11 Chicago IL @ Pancho's w/ Regrets, Eunuchs
44. 1/5/11 Milwaukee WI @ Groundzero w/ Wiccans, Ritual Form, Short Walk
43. 12/3/10 Appleton WI @ The BFG w/ Impatience
42. 10/10/10 St. Louis MO @ The Lemp Brewery w/ Quare Verum
41. 10/9/10 Carbondale IL @ The Swamp w/ The Hell
40. 10/7/10 Milwaukee WI @ Cactus Club w/ Jucifer, Northless
39. 9/24/10 Milwaukee WI @ Club Garibaldi w/ Protestant, Call Me Lightning, Northless
38. 9/18/10 Ferndale MI @ Hybrid Moments w/ Dead Skins
37. 9/17/10 Cleveland OH @ Gomorrah w/ Masakari, Grin and Bear It, Arm Them All
36. 9/16/10 Scranton PA @ Embassy Vinyl w/ Backslider, Nimbus Terrifix
35. 9/15/10 Jamaica Plain MA @ Midway Cafe w/ Rampaant Decay, Crippling Fear
34. 9/14/10 Providence RI @ Jerkys w/ Jesusecentric, Olde Growth, Thrillhouse
33. 9/13/10 New York NY @ Lit Lounge w/ Vaura, Sleep to Death
32. 9/12/10 New Brunswick NJ @ RD's House w/ Fleshtemple, Loose Ends
31. 9/11/10 Pittsburg PA @ Helter Shelter w/ Broken Neck
30. 9/10/10 Dayton OH @ Blind Bob's w/ Struck By Lightning, By Way of Sunstorm
29. 9/9/10 Milwaukee WI @ The Borg Ward w/ Helm's Alee
28. 8/28/10 Milwaukee WI @ The Borg Ward w/ Coliseum, Burning Love, Fight Amp
27. 8/14/10 Milwaukee WI @ The Borg Ward w/ Lungs, The Muzzler, This Specific Dream
26. 8/14/10 Milwaukee WI @ Club Timbuktu - Riverwest Fest
25. 7/31/10 Milwaukee WI @ Cream City Collective - Riverwest 24
24. 7/17/10 Appleton WI @ The BFG w/ Beast in the Field, All to Hell
23. 7/16/10 Watertown WI @ Krazy Sport's Bar w/ All to Hell, Cipher
22. 7/14/10 Milwaukee WI @ The Borg Ward w/ Heartsounds, Get Rad, Tenement
21. 6/13/10 Dayton OH @ Blind Bob's w/ Mouth of the Architect, Raise the Red Lantern, Goatherd, Nightbeast, By Way of Sunstorm, Kuan, Footbinder, Before the Eyewall
20. 5/30/10 Milwaukee WI @ Cactus Club w/ Mouth of the Architect, Northless
19. 5/29/10 Appleton WI @ The BFG w/ Neon Hole, Harlequin Kid
18. 5/28/10 Chicago IL @ Albion House w/ Like Rats, The Swan King, Chronic Bleeding Syndrome
17. 5/27/10 Ypsilanti MI @ the 734 w/ Dire Wolf, Dead Skins
16. 5/26/10 Pittsburgh PA @ 31st Street Pub w/ Captain Cleanoff, Peregrine, Liquified Guts
15. 5/25/10 Cincinnati OH @ Hungry House w/ I Fail
14. 5/24/10 Nashville TN @ Ivan's House w/ Yautja, La Urs
13. 5/23/10 St. Louis MO @ Old Lemp Brewery w/ Quare Veardum
12. 5/22/10 Madison WI @ The Speakeasy w/ Ambassador Gun
11. 5/21/10 Minneapolis MN @ The Beat w/ Blue Ox, Much Worse, Teenage Impotence
10. 5/16/10 Milwaukee WI @ The Uptowner w/ Masakari, Breathe Fire
9. 5/13/10 Milwaukee WI @ Mad Planet w/ Misery Signals, Maidens
8. 5/1/10 Dayton OH @ The Deafstar w/ Deatheater, Father Horror, Idols
7. 4/30/10 Cincinnati OH @ The Bike Haus - Hands Across Basements Fest w/ Realicide, Condenada, Lords, Utah Spirit Babys, White Walls, Defective Males
6. 4/3/10 Milwaukee WI @ The Eagle's Nest w/ Dead Issue, Rusted Skin, Sector 7G
5. 3/12/10 Milwaukee WI @ The Eagle’s Nest w/ Mother of Fire, Thunderbolt Pagoda, This Specific Dream, Concentric
4. 2/20/10 Milwaukee WI @ The Eagle’s Nest w/ The Killer, Blue Ox, Bastards
3. 2/12/10 Madison WI @ Proudfit House w/ Expire, Dead Issue, Captive, Comfort Made You Passive
2. 1/29/10 Milwaukee WI @ The Eagle’s Nest w/ Mouth of the Architect, Raise the Red Lantern, Northless
1. 1/23/10 Milwaukee WI @ Miramar Theatre w/ Half Gorilla, Burning Sons, Curb, The Worms, Maidens, Owlscry, etc.


"F.A.T.H. / Speechless" - Portland OR 5/14/12
"F.A.T.H. / Speechless" - Los Angeles CA 5/11/12
"Mercenary / Unconditional Surrender" - Austin TX 3/16/12

"Fuck Today / No Deliverance" - Dayton OH 1/14/12

"Speechless" - Allston MA 1/10/12

"Intro / True Love" - Appleton WI 11/4/11

"Eden Sank to Grief" - Appleton WI 11/4/11

Full Set - Cincinnati OH 8/15/11

Unconditional Surrender - Sault Ste. Marie ON 8/8/11

Fuck Today / Mercenary / Unconditional Surrender - Minneapolis 1/24/11

Mercenary/Black Friday - St. Louis MO 1/22/11

False Profit - St. Louis MO 1/22/11

Eden Sank to Grief - St. Louis MO 1/22/11

End of the World Party - St. Louis MO 1/22/11

Full Set - Minneapolis MN 5/20/10 Part 1

Full Set - Minneapolis MN 5/20/10 Part 2

Full Set - Milwaukee WI 4/2/10

Enabler at The Eagle's Nest (4/3/10) from Bullart. on Vimeo.

If you post a video of us online, please email it to us!

Plan's for 2011

Welcome to the Enabler blog. This will act as our online presence from now on. Myspace ruined band websites, and then myspace has ruined itself (have you been on there lately? It's garbage), and the other options we don't feel like cater to the band. We're not into selling mp3s, we're not trying to add friends, we're not into having ads play in between our songs, etc. We're into writing songs, putting out records, playing shows and touring, and that's about it.

Upcoming Releases
-A couple of days before our January tour, we remixed our releases "Eden Sank to Grief" and "War Begins With You", which were only released on vinyl and cassette, for a discography style re-release that Creator Destructor Records will be putting out as a digipack CD with new artwork from Jimmy Geigerich and a remastering job by Zach Ohren. Look for a May/June release.
- We just recorded 4 songs for an upcoming split with Ambassador Gun in Minneapolis with their guitarist/bassist Tim Sieler. Sacred Plague Records will be releasing the split on cassette and Scenester Credentials will be releasing CD and vinyl. Artwork is being done by Ambassador Fun guitarist/bassist Luke Olson. This recording is the debut with new guitarist Logan Kelly (Blue Ox, Much Worse, ex-Dead to Fall)
- We've been writing a new full length that will be recorded in July with our buddy Shane Hotchstetler @ Howl Street Studios. Release date and labels will be announced sometime soon. We're stoked.

Tours / Shows
- We'll be doing a short East coast run with Ambassador Gun in June.
- Canadian / Midwest US two week tour with Mares of Thrace in August
- We're slated to play Dude Fest in Indianapolis July 30 as well as Arson Fest in Winnipeg August 5/6.
- We'll be playing locally in April with Wormrot and in May with Catheter.