Friday, March 25, 2011

Plan's for 2011

Welcome to the Enabler blog. This will act as our online presence from now on. Myspace ruined band websites, and then myspace has ruined itself (have you been on there lately? It's garbage), and the other options we don't feel like cater to the band. We're not into selling mp3s, we're not trying to add friends, we're not into having ads play in between our songs, etc. We're into writing songs, putting out records, playing shows and touring, and that's about it.

Upcoming Releases
-A couple of days before our January tour, we remixed our releases "Eden Sank to Grief" and "War Begins With You", which were only released on vinyl and cassette, for a discography style re-release that Creator Destructor Records will be putting out as a digipack CD with new artwork from Jimmy Geigerich and a remastering job by Zach Ohren. Look for a May/June release.
- We just recorded 4 songs for an upcoming split with Ambassador Gun in Minneapolis with their guitarist/bassist Tim Sieler. Sacred Plague Records will be releasing the split on cassette and Scenester Credentials will be releasing CD and vinyl. Artwork is being done by Ambassador Fun guitarist/bassist Luke Olson. This recording is the debut with new guitarist Logan Kelly (Blue Ox, Much Worse, ex-Dead to Fall)
- We've been writing a new full length that will be recorded in July with our buddy Shane Hotchstetler @ Howl Street Studios. Release date and labels will be announced sometime soon. We're stoked.

Tours / Shows
- We'll be doing a short East coast run with Ambassador Gun in June.
- Canadian / Midwest US two week tour with Mares of Thrace in August
- We're slated to play Dude Fest in Indianapolis July 30 as well as Arson Fest in Winnipeg August 5/6.
- We'll be playing locally in April with Wormrot and in May with Catheter.

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